For SO COSI moments at home


Whether for a birthday, a thank you, the birth of a child, a wedding or as a thoughtful surprise for the best friends: The new personalizable SO COSI candles made of vegan soy wax are unique gifts that fill the home with warmth, a delicate vanilla scent and the spirit of friendship. The name of the person receiving the gift can be integrated into the label in various designs for different occasions – making each candle unique.

With the playful scent Whipped Vanilla & Coconut Rose, the room is transformed into a cozy oasis by the personalizable SO COSI Candle. At the same time, the scent is subtle yet fills the room – just as a perfect scented candle must be. The playful designs, which also determine the look of the jewelry from SO COSI, also make the aromatic candles a special eye-catcher and an incomparable gift.

Each lighting of the personalizable SO COSI scented candle conjures a smile on the lips of the or the gift recipient, because this candle has so no second. The delicately sweet scent composition of creamy vanilla paired with the components rose and coconut ensures coziness: wonderfully gentle blend the scents and transport the warming spirit of a good friendship into the home. Thus, the memory that someone has made here a very special joy, long remains.

The vegan soy wax of the SO COSI scented candle is free of harmful substances, carcinogens or environmentally hazardous substances. It hardly soots, as it burns very cleanly. Compared to paraffin-based candles, it has a longer burn time and thus releases a gentle fragrance that is not overbearing.